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4 colour magazine advert prices
No of insertions1 - 23 – 56+

Price per insertion
1 Page£350save 10%save 20%
½ page£250save 10%save 20%

Advert specifications
1 page297 mm x 210 mm
½ page (horiz.)137 mm x 180 mm
½ page (vert.)273 mm x 94 mm

All Adverts should be supplied as high resolution PDF’s.

Web banners
No of insertions1- 23 – 56+

Prices per month per page
Home page£200save 10%save 20%
Other pages£150save 10%save 20%

Web banner dimensions

Banners give you regular exposure for your advertisement. For top of the page banners sizes 468 x 60 pixels and no greater size than 15K

Service providers Entry into the service providers list is open to all companies involved in the deployment of RFID, other services and consultants. Advertisers should supply brief details of a maximum of 175 words and specify what heading they would like to be listed under. Entry is £200 per year. Second and subsequent entries under separate headings £150 each.
Sponsored features

£600 Your chance to get 2000 words on you company published in RFIDtoday in a centre page spread to explain the benefits of your product to our readership. There is only one of these per issue. RFIDtoday retains overall editorial control, ensuring that readers see it more as neutral advice than vendor marketing copy making it an effective way to inform your market

Case Studies
No of insertions1 - 23 – 56+

Prices per month
Per article page£400save 10%save 20%

RFIDtoday retains overall editorial control, and may alter or amend any wording that infringes its policy on ethics.

Analysis of registered readers

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