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AIDC Consultancy

Holloway Consulting

Established in 2002 by Simon Holloway whose has had long experience with companies such as Solidsoft, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, and leading consultancies, offered is an IT business-focused approach to industry, commerce and the public sector to both vendors and end-users. Based around RFID, web services, integration and business process management, the consultancy assists organisations in taking appropriate and cost-effective use of RFID, web service, Information Management and BPM technology to further business aims of cost reduction and increased market share.
Holloway Consulting provides a number of services:

  • Strategy: expansion of strategy for development, procurement, construction and support of technology.
  • Preparation: Education-based one-day interactive workshop providing specialised step by step training to meet a particular client’s exact needs.
  • Selection: A specialised approach to using a structured, modular approach for Software Evaluation and Selection developed over 10 years.
  • Process: Building a full process definition that underpins BPM, RFID or web service, incorporating the internal processes and partners, whilst establishing error and escalation procedures.

Contact Simon Holloway MBCS CITP DipM BSc (Hons), Dip M, BSc (Hons)
Tel +44 (0) 7813 637293 quote RFIDtoday

Process improvement

The High Performance Organisation Group (The HPO) helps clients develop, maintain and improve effective management systems that enhance results achieved by organisations and individuals alike. A range of innovative, results based, products and services, supported by process and systems thinking are vital in RFID implementation and change

  • System Thinking and RFID

  • Management systems are unique to both organisations and their individual projects, such as an RFID implementation. Any organisation and its projects should have only one management system to meet their defined business needs and to deliver business results. Creating such a single system is critical to effectively managing the interfaces both within the organisation itself and between the different organisations inevitably involved in any RFID project

  • On-Line auditing and assessments

  • Identifying and understanding organisational and project strengths and weaknesses is key to highlighting risks, allowing them to be effectively managed or to drive business improvement. Our 360 degree risk based approach is based on people’s behaviour and their impact on, for example, the RFID management system or implementation project. It is outcome driven and therefore provides lead indicators of risk. Critically different levels of risk can be identified for the different organisations that make up the RFID project or system, enabling these to be managed. This also provides the stimulus for more general improvements against a range of RFID business drivers..

  • 3rd Party Certification

  • On-line behavioural assessments are now being used as part of the auditing mix by the world’s largest product certification organisation. Inevitably many of their customers are starting to apply RFID as a key component in the manufacture, distribution, use and eventual disposal of their products. This registration body is increasingly using The HPO intellectual property captured within the process based system thinking and behavioural based assessment methodology to differentiate themselves in the market and make a step change in the services they provide.

    The High Performance Organisation Group Limited
    119 Delapre Drive, Grimsbury, Banbury, Oxford, OX16 3WS
    United Kingdom
    Tel +44 (0) 208 144 0701
    Email: quote RFIDtoday

Computer Support

Reality Computer Services offers affordable computer support to SME Companies implementing and maintaining systems engaged in AIDC located in the Hants, Surrey Berks and Sussex areas
Services include network planning and support for both hardware and software. RCS offers an on-line support facility to its registered users which permits the logging of their own service calls and a Forum to provide solutions to virus, spyware problems and update files.
RCS provides speedy repairs to essential equipment and solutions to operating systems
For the implementation of an AIDC system it is vital that you have reliable systems that can be fixed efficiently.
As important it is critical that your ADSL service is reliable. RCS can supply cost-effective and trustworthy broadband services

Don’t be caught out call us today

Reality Computer Services
Sales Tel 0845 1746147
Support and general enquiries
Tel 08707 661068


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